Tim Rylands 1963 – 2017


I first met Tim around 2006 shortly after he had deservedly won a Becta teaching award. We worked together on a series of conferences for a major ICT company and we quickly struck up a friendship as we travelled around the country, presenting on stage together, and sharing stories and jokes in preparation and relaxation.

I was in awe of the man, and maybe a bit in love… For his charisma, humour, creativity, zest for life, humanity, and his unique blend of professionalism and anarchic wit. I was struck, as were all who saw him at work, at how he could communicate, engage and inspire children of all ages – and teachers of all experience.

His passing leaves a hole in the world of education, his family, his friends and his partner Sarah. Together, he and Sarah toured the world inspiring thousands of others. Their stories, laughter, practical advice, and living example, illustrated perfectly the many positive and creative potentials of technology.

Tim, you are sorely missed.

About Tim Rylands


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